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Ajmal College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Kharupetia, Darrang


Physics the study of matter, energy and their interaction is an international enterprise, which plays a key role in the future progress of the humankind. Physics is the most basic of the physical science. From chemistry and geology to biology and cosmology we understand science in terms of the concepts developed in physics. the subject, being an integral part of HS(science) curriculum was introduced in Ajmal College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Kharupetia since its establishment in the year 2010. Apart from imparting the textbook knowledge. The student are inspired to realize the beauty of physics in their day to day life.


Saleh Akram Ansari
Faculty of Physics
M.Sc, B.Ed
Phone : 7002273379
Email :
Tarique Aziz
Phone : 8638406440
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