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Ajmal College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Kharupetia, Darrang


Ajmal college of Arts, Commerce & Science, Kharupetia, Assam was established in the year of 2010, and the subject of Political Science was established in the same year. This subject is achieving better result day by day. It provides systematic way of gathering and organizing knowledge of state, government and law. It provides to the students proper knowledge about state, position of individual, rights and obligations, political consciousness, knowledge of political science indispensible, political power, sound opinion, broadens outlook, international outlook, good citizens and also protect the values like democracy, freedom or equality. Political Science is of great importance as per as the higher education of the students is concern. It also makes students competent in the political history of the country.


Abdul Awal Alamgir
Faculty of Political Science
M.A., LLB, B.Ed
Phone : 9854334102
Email :
Dilwara Begum
M.A. PGDCA, B.Ed. Pursuing
Phone : 9706988255
Email :